From the East Coast to West Africa

About Operation Durango

The first week of December 2014, we will be sending my old 1998 Dodge Durango across the Atlantic to Monrovia, Liberia where it will begin its new life helping to deliver supplies and support to communities impacted by the Ebola outbreak.

A dear Liberian friend, Richard Watkins, is on the front lines of this epidemic. In his work for Rose Kingston's NGO, Voice for the Voiceless, Richard travels between three communities and one orphanage as part of the organization's efforts to bring necessities related to health, sanitation, and education to more than 200 children.

Right now, Richard waits in long lines in 85' F heat and 90% humidity to use public taxis for his travel, during which he wears a full length winter coat to help protect himself from potential contact with viruses and other germs.

Giving him a private car will not only improve efficiency by decreasing the time and expense spent on transportation, but also by increasing the volume of goods he can carry and deliver on each trip.

It will also help keep a dedicated community activist and educator safe and healthy while he works tirelessly to help children caught in the middle of yet another devastating crisis in their country.

How You Can Help

Prior to shipping the Durango to Liberia, we are looking to contribute to the mission of Voice for the Voiceless by filling the car up with additional relief items to distribute when it arrives, and this is where you can help!

Products include:

- Hand sanitizers

- Disinfecting countertop wipes

- Sanitary gloves

- Protective gowns

- Face masks

- Chlorine tablets

- Vitamins

- Handheld infrared / non-contact thermometers

You can contribute either by donating funds through Paypal, or you can purchase items directly and ship them to me.

Then we will load everything up in the Durango before we send it off on its journey!

DEADLINE: Donations of funds must be received by Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 to allow for purchasing and shipment, and physical items themselves must be received by Friday, December 5th, 2014.

Communities Served

Voice for the Voiceless assists around 200 children in the following locations:

  • Barnesville
  • Caldwell
  • Paynesville ELWA Road
  • Mae Davis Orphanage & Abandoned Children Mission


UPDATE: February 2015 - the Durango has finished its journey across the Atlantic and to Monrovia, Liberia!

Thanks to all of your support, we loaded it up with 25 lbs of chlorinated tablets, 3,000 vitamins with immunity support, 575+ oz of hand sanitizer, 900 Clorox healthcare bleach germicidal wipes, 10 disposable polycoated barrier gowns, 2 infrared non-contact thermometers, some bleach-based cleaners, more sanitizing wipes with 70% alcohol, face masks, rubbing alcohol, cans of Lysol and other disinfectants, hundreds of sterile gloves, and even some clear plastic shower curtains (to protect surfaces).

Thanks again for your contribution - wishing you all the best of health and happiness for the New Year and beyond!!!